Featured Speakers

 Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy
Director of Operations/Program Manager, Army Brigade Modernization Command
US Army
Colonel Hannu Hyppönen
Colonel Hannu Hyppönen
Chief of Training and Education
Finnish Defence Forces
Commander Jörg Heilmann
Commander Jörg Heilmann
Section Chief for Technology Based Training
German Navy
Commander Geir Isaksen
Commander Geir Isaksen
Staff Officer ADL
Norwegian Defence University College
 Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland
Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland
Cultural Awareness Simulation Research Director
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
 Marika Oper
Marika Oper
Educational Technologist
Estonian Defence Forces

Introducing the only conference dedicated to the military use of smart devices for e-learning and simulation outside of North America

Due to overwhelming demand, we are holding our inaugural Military E-Learning & Smart Devices Conference, to support you – the pioneers using e-learning, simulation techniques & smart devices for the training of military personnel.

This tri-service event will provide you with the opportunity to share best practice in what remains a relatively new and innovative side of defence capability.

Over the last ten years, a number of militaries have taken advantage of the substantial R&D spending by technology companies, and the subsequent uptake of smart devices in the civilian sphere. 

A soldier can review a lesson in an online drive or portal, complete an assignment with teammates online, or attend a class via video link, all from their tablet, smartphone or desktop. The fact that service personnel are commercial users of this software should be no impediment to the military as apps can be (and have been) created to help assist with mobile learning and development, enabling students to learn on their own watch.  

Additionally, with the growth in the use of simulation and virtual reality exercises for pre-deployment cultural awareness training, judgement shooting, and scenario-based practice mission planning, militaries truly are riding the wave of the latest tech bubble. 

With a process of trial and error typifying the military’s approach thus far, there is still a substantial debate to be had as to how the defence community maximises the educational and operational benefits of this technology for their personnel’s development and performance.

This conference guarantees to fill that void.

Top reasons to attend Military E-Learning & Smart Devices:

  • Take part in the first conference dedicated to the military use of smart devices for e-learning and simulation outside of North America
  • Engage with and learn from the leading figures in e-learning, from North America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
  • Learn how to enhance your organisation’s mobility and performance using smart devices that most of your staff already use in their personal lives
  • Discover the latest developments in virtual reality and simulation technologies for enhancing the training of military service personnel
  • Watch, interact and try the latest gadgets with technology demonstrations from the leading industry players in e-learning and simulation

Top reasons to sponsor this event:

  • Hear about the outstanding progress of the pioneering R&D Directors working in military universities and academies from around the world
  • Display your innovative approaches to e-learning and simulation to the decision makers in doctrinal command through technology demonstrations and thought-provoking talks
  • Make the case to nations which are yet to adopt this new technology that these solutions are time-saving and cost-effective

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